Leave No Trace is a common term that backpackers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts like to say. It means to clean up after yourself wherever you spend your time outdoors.

What does leave no trace mean for the rock climbing community? In recent years, some rock climbing destinations are becoming more littered, causing the local community to speak up against some of our worst habits—not picking up after ourselves.

Inside our bouldering and top roping, we have a set of simple rules to keep our gym space clean for everyone who uses the space.

We ask that you only use a water bottle that seals completely while you are around the active gym space. This ensures that if a bottle is kicked over by accident we avoid a major spill on our over 5,000 sq ft of Asana Climbing floor pads.

The next time you take that snack break and grab a granola bar, help us leave no trace by throwing away that wrapper right away, or hold on to it in your pocket or bag until you get back home. Do not eat inside the active rock climbing space and use one of our many lounge spaces to rest between climbs and refuel.

While rock climbing on any of our 17 boulder features, chalk your hands then be mindful of where you leave that chalk bag. We don’t want your bag getting knocked over and spilling all that rock climbing chalk gold.

Aesthetic Climbing Gym allows you to use powder chalk of your choice and does not require you to use alcohol-based liquid chalk which can dry out your skin and cause painful cracks. Climb comfortably and help keep our community rock climbing gym clean for all our members and guests.

Thank you ACG Fam!

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