At Aesthetic Climbing Gym, we take your health and safety into every aspect of your rock climbing gym experience. Especially during the pandemic, we need to be on the same team together and make sure we all do what we can to keep each other safe. When you stay healthy, we stay healthy and strong enough to keep your local rock climbing gym clean and fresh for everyone.

Before you enter the rock climbing gym, our face-covered and friendly staff will check your temperature at the door. Make sure you wear face-covering at all times while in the gym. If you’ve forgotten one, not to worry, we sell our customized ACG masks that everyone loves! Our gym staff will give you hand sanitizer to clean your hands as you head on inside.

Next, check-in at the front desk! Whether you are a member or a guest of the facility, you will need to sign an acknowledgment form each time you climb to accept the possible risk involved. After you are all signed in, head to our all-gender restroom and wash those hands one last time before heading inside the rock climbing gym space.

You must wear a face-covering properly at all times during your visit to the rock climbing gym. Be sure to drink water while you are rock climbing, and try to limit having your mask off for prolonged periods of time. Please, wash your hands frequently, especially when taking off your shoes between climbs, or when taking a break in any of the lounge spaces. We also ask that you maintain 6ft of space from your peers. Even our closest homies want to keep themselves and their families healthy!

Have fun and stay healthy rock climbing!

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