It’s time for another reset in the rock climging gym! We are resetting the top rope rock climbing area from March 5th-7th.

ACG top roping climbing gym area route reset March 5-7

Every two weeks we will pull an area down and fill in over 3-5 days. Our route resetters select which area to reset based on how long the climbs have been on the wall. This team is top notch at pulling inspiration from their real world rock climbing experience; from outdoor spots, to regional setting competitions, our setters have a library of problems for you to solve.

fresh rock climbing holds for a gym reset

From start to finish the whole reset process takes about 3-5 days. On the first day we strip the walls from all the rock climbing holds. Then our and get skeletons up on the walls to build on. Then we test run the rock climbing routes and make tweaks to the climbs every 3-5 routes, it depends on how we are flowing while setting. Then we repeat the process until the walls are filled up!

Resetting the gym is a never ending process. We are always excited to rotate throughout the 25 different features to ensure fun, creative movement for everyone at ACC.


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