We are hosting a bouldering competition for USAC this April! Head over to our Competitions page to register your time to climb.

It’s hard to imagine our last competition was back in September of 2019 — insane right?! We love seeing our climbers continuing to train at home, but we are stoked to see them come back into Aesthetic Climbing Gym with masks on, hands washed, and motivation to reach new heights.

Visitors are welcome to attend but are required to comply with our COVID safety policies to ensure everyone is able to continue to climb!

All these photos were taken at a time when face coverings were not something we needed to worry about. Please be sure to fill out a waiver and bring your facemask to help keep everyone safer while you climb.

One of Sloper the Sloth’s favorite competitions was back in January 2019 when we set up half of our 17 bouldering features with neon tape, glow-in-the-dark stickers, and holds illuminated by black lights! Sloper had a great time hanging around in the out-of-this-world experience, climbing alongside neon characters, creatures, and designs of all sorts.

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