Intro to Climbing Clinics

The Intro to Climbing Clinic is a great introduction to bouldering, rope climbing, basic technique, and safety skills. Each intro clinic is taught by one of the gym owners. If you are new to climbing, use Intro to Climbing as your free member class to kickstart your climbing.

ACG membership and day passes include an introduction to ACG facilities as well as essential safety skills such as belaying. However, the Intro to Climbing clinic will cover these topics and others more in-depth. Learn how to fall, how to use an ATC, how to tie a figure eight knot, and the technique differences between rope climbing and bouldering. You can also learn about workouts to increase your climbing strength.

Once you’ve completed the Intro to Climbing Clinic or demonstrated the techniques and safety skills included in the instruction, move on! Sign up for a bouldering clinic, top rope clinic, or lead climbing clinic to continue learning and increasing your strength and knowledge. If you want to learn about other activities that will complement your climbing workouts, then check out a slacklining clinic or ask for instructions on climbing workouts and strength training.

  • Intro to Climbing Clinic Prices

    • Member: $45
      Guest $55