Bouldering Facilities at ACG – Something for Everyone

At Aesthetic, we are proud to feature over 5,000 square feet of bouldering areas. Bouldering is a form of free climbing where the climber uses no ropes to ascend boulders 10-18 feet tall. Our 15 distinct features include all competition-grade angles and are separated into three separate climbing areas.

The first sixty feet contain our sixteen-foot tall finish rail divided into three predominate sections, The Wave Feature, a vertical ascent portion, as well as a convex wall known as The Bulge. The second portion of our bouldering area rises up to an eighteen-foot top-out boulder. In this area, you will find a sixteen-foot deep cave, featured overhang roof climbing, and our one-of-a-kind 18-foot top-out slab!

Our 2019 expansion added an additional 5 bouldering features and a total of 2000 additional square feet of bouldering terrain. Our new expansion area is all finish rail bouldering set at 10 feet tall.

The added variety of climbing terrain makes Aesthetic Climbing Gym one of the top bouldering facilities in all of Southern California! If you’d rather climb with a rope, be sure to check out our top rope area or lead climbing area!

Zone 1

The Wave:

16 feet tall finish rail feature with varying degrees of slab climbing and an overhanging lip for a palm-sweating good time!

The Bulge:

16 feet tall finish rail feature with varying degrees of overhung climbing and a sustained 45-degree wall to the top finish rail.

The Roof and Cave:

18 feet tall top-out feature with a unique transition while exiting the overhang onto the dead vertical wall.

The Slab 1.0:

18 feet tall top-out feature that is one of a kind in all of Southern California!

Zone 2

The Overhanging Dihedral:

14 feet tall finish rail feature that tests your ability to transition between two, steep overhung faces.

The 55:

14 feet tall with a constant 55-degree overhang providing an optimal angle to train power moves on.

The Steep:

14-foot tall finish rail feature with a steep 8-foot face angled at 45 degrees.

The Doorway:

14 feet tall finish rail feature where one can practice their stemming abilities and mental focus while conquering the 25-degree overhang above.

The Double Overhang:

14 feet tall finish rail feature with a 20-degree overhang wall meeting a 30-degree overhang. Core tension is key to this feature!

The Pikes Roof:

14 feet tall finish rail feature that you swore you saw outside rope climbing. The two-tiered roof opens up endless possibilities for stemming and powerful climbing!

The Slab 2.0:

14 feet tall finish rail feature that pulled a play out of classic Joshua Tree Slab Climbing. The low angle of this wall allows for hands-free climbing allowing you as a climber to really practice your footwork on those glasses smears!

Expanded Bouldering Facilities

The Cloud Palace

We recently completed our newest addition to Aesthetic by adding 2,000 sq ft of climbing upstairs, which we refer to as the cloud palace. Upstairs you can find 5 new bouldering features that are 10 ft tall with climbs ranging from V0-V10 making it an ideal area for first-timers as well as the most experienced.