ACG Will Be Closed on July 23 from 6pm-11pm for a Special Event Party. We will resume regular business hours on the 24th.

Our Mission

Something about climbing changes people; we don’t know how or when it happens, but somewhere between the ascent and summit, every climber feels it. Your hands get clammy, your muscles deaden; it’s just you and the mountain, and one of you is going to lose. In that moment, every climber is posed with a very difficult question. Am I strong enough? Can I do this by myself? The mountain is bigger than I thought, and the summit… so far off.

Everyone runs into this impossible wall of doubt, and we defeat ourselves despite the best of intentions; but out on the rock face, something truly amazing can happen. You hear that soft clink-clink of metal on stone, and you remember that just below you is your closest friend, a friend who trusts you with his life, a friend who believes in you and wants nothing more than to stand on the summit and shake your hand. You realize it’s not just about you anymore; it’s both of you belayed out there on those rocks, and you’re fates are linked. Your muscles stop whining and new resolve burns in the pit of your stomach. Your answers have changed because the question has changed… and so have you.

At Aesthetic Climbing Gym, our mission is to bring that moment to your doorstep, and you will find here, as you will in the wilderness, that you can overcome even the most daunting of obstacles with the help of a friend. This what it means to be human; when I falter, I know that you’ll catch me, and when your hands finally give out, my lines will hold firm. Together, we’ll struggle to get to the top, and together we’ll look out across the wild, victorious yet humble, having climbed upon the face of the world.

See you at the top,

-Aesthetic Climbing Gym


3 thoughts on “ACG Will Be Closed on July 23 from 6pm-11pm for a Special Event Party. We will resume regular business hours on the 24th.

  1. So I hear there is a Comp there this weekend? What days and what hours is this occurring? Also, will it cost anything to be a Spectator? Thank you for your time

  2. Aloha! I’m a climber from Hawaii, I’ll be visiting socal for a couple weeks, was gonna drop in this Friday (12/21/12) for a climb. Question: on the calendar, it says Friday 12/28 members of other gyms climb for free. Does this apply to out-of-state gyms too? :) Shaka!! See you guys Friday

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